April 2017: Mikayla is thrilled to have signed with Carrie Macy Talent Agency based in Beverly Hills. She is represented theatrically and commercially! Episodic season, here we go!

April 2017: It's Mikayla's Birthday month! Nothing like auditions and bookings to celebrate!

March 2017: Mikayla joins Panache Management team's LA roster. Panache ranks one of the biggest agencies in Canada! 

February 2017: Mikayla is in full swing for pilot season...Let's get booking!

January 2017: Mikayla has a NEW REEL! Click here or head over to her "Media" page to watch her current work. 

October 2016: Tune in THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 22nd to see Mikayla starring in an episode of True Nightmares on DiscoveryID channel at 10pm. Set your DVRS and enjoy! 

October 2016: Mikayla just wrapped on her pilot, "The Victorians"that she co-wrote, produced and starred in, alongside LEGENDARY actress, Diane Venora (The Heat: Al Pacino, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet: Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, The Jackal: Bruce Willis and Richard Gear) in addition to her short film "I Saw the Devil" that she also co-wrote, produced and starred in. Stay tuned!

October 2016: Mikayla goes into production for her Victorian Film Project! Check out her FB page for updates, costume previews, and the link to donate. 

October 2016: Tune in to Discovery Channel (Discovery I.D.) this month to see Mikayla in True Nightmares! Time and date will be posted TBA. 

September 2016: Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT (Saturday, September 10th) to Lifetime Movie Network for my episode (and major TV debut) of My Haunted House: The Hitchhiker and the Widow. Set your DVR's for 7pm!!!

July/August 2016: Mikayla has officially launched her campaign to raise money for "My Historic Film Project"... a project that will showcase Mikayla in her dream role. She is co-producing along side Pine Tree Pictures! Please feel free to have a look at her GoFundMe. https://www.gofundme.com/myhistoricfilm

June 2016: Another booking this month for a series on Investigation Discovery! More details soon.

May 2016: Mikayla has just completed filming her supporting role in the series, "How To Make a Reality Star"! 

April 2016: Tune into Lifetime and A&E for Mikayla's episode of "My Haunted House" airing on May 2nd! 

March 2016: Mikayla has been cast in a new series shooting at the end of April! Stay tuned for more details!

January 2016: Mikayla brings in the New Year by booking and filming a short titled, "Full Court Press" to be premiered at USC in late February! 

December 2015: Check out Mikayla's newest period/historic photoshoot in her Gallery.

December 2015: Mikayla wraps her 2015 year by singing on the NBA promo for the bay Warriors Christmas day game against the Cavaliers. Check out the video here

November 2015: Mikayla is thrilled to announce she was cast in the fourth season of My Haunted House airing on Lifetime and A&E! Keep a look out on social media for when her episode, The Hitchhiker, will air.

September 2015: Mikayla S. Campbell just shot another film, "Ghost Hunt" alongside seasoned SuperBowl commercial star, James Di Giacomo! To be released just in time for Halloween! 

August 2015: Mikayla just booked another modeling gig for headshots! New photos can be seen in her gallery.

April 2015: Mikayla was just cast in a short film for the CFC Film Festival. The film "Unplugged" was chosen amongst the top 20 to be showcased at the 2015 CFC screening. 

February 2015:

RCSSD named one of 10 BEST drama schools in the UK...


Just thought I would share the pride (and I say that with the utmost humility) I am feeling at having attended one of the top 10 drama schools in the UK. I graduated with my MA Degree from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at age 22 and will forever be grateful for the astounding education. Education has always been important and held to a high standard in my family, and some may say a degree is irrelevant in my profession. I couldn't disagree more...the dedication, emotional demand, physical demand, the daily devotion at honing a skill that is so much more than what you read in a text book, is not something that could be so easily disregarded. RCSSD...you deserve this recognition. I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to attend such a establishment.


September/October 2014: Mikayla has just wrapped on her latest film opposite french actor, Olivier Gruner in his new action thriller, "Executive Protection,"  (Lionsgate distribution.) 


September 2014:  Joining the SAG/AFTRA Union is an accomplishment and large step for any actor. Mikayla is now a member of such Union and is thrilled and honored to officially join a wonderful community of professional actors. 


August 2014: Mikayla has been signed with 90210 Talent Agency for Theatrical Representation and is thoroughly excited to begin her journey with the new additional team!! 


June 2014: Mikayla is thrilled to have been cast as leading lady, Cat Donovan, in an amazing show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival! Writer and director Nick Deruve's, "Runaway: The Story of an Outlaw" is based off of his feature film, "The Runaway" which comes out later this year. This adaptation for the stage takes place in east Texas circa 1970. The story of a young girl caught in-between a life of security and expectation, and her secret, passionate love for an outlaw. A great director, great cast, a thrilling story. Click here for more information! 


June 2014: Here are the links to see Mikayla in Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader! Click here for episode one, here for episode two and here for episode three! 


April/May 2014: Mikayla is excited to announced she has booked a lead role in the popular web series, Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader - Season Three: First Crush! More info coming soon! 


April 2014: Mikayla is proud to announced that she has been signed with Elysium Talent Agency for Commercial and Print! She can't wait to begin her journey with them. 


March 2014: Mikayla is honored to have been cast in The Smiley Face and the Frown's production of "The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler. She will be performing at The Cup Cake Theatre in Hollywood for the remaining weekends of March; the 15th and 16th; the 21st, the 28th and 30th! Please visit cupcaketheater.com or click here for dates, times and tickets!


February 2014: Mikayla has a newly updated reel! Head on over to her Reel page, or click here for viewing! 


January 2014: Mikayla just got new Head Shots by the wonderfully talented, Jonthan Vandiveer! Head on over to her Gallery for viewing and then click here to view more of Jonthans work! Click here to view the website of her lovely, and incredibly talented makeup artist, Angela Mobile Makeup, that assisted in making her shoot an incredibly pleasant experience. 


December 2013: Mikayla was hired for voice over on the Ella Fitzgeraldberg project which showcased at the "M Bar" in Hollywood. Click here for more information on this wonderful work of art. 


July 2013: Mikayla was just cast in a short film for Aim Fire Productions that will be submitted to several upcoming film festivals! 


ATTILA COMING IN DECEMBER 2013 ON DVD AND BLUE-RAY! Click here to pre-purchase on Amazon.  


June 2013: Mikayla just wrapped on her first feature film, Attila, produced by  Asylum Productions and directed and written by Emmanuel Itier (Femme) and Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado).


February 2013: Mikayla was just cast in a musical production of "Let There Be Light" for the Temple Of Israel - Hollywood and will be working with quite a few marvelous people from today's entertainment indsutry, some of which include: Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek), Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), Phil and Monica Rosenthal (Everybody Loves Raymond), Keith Powell (30 Rock), Alan Rosenberg (Former president of SAG), and the fabulous Michael Skloff who wrote the hit song, "I'll Be There For You" from Friends. His wife is Marta Kauffman, the Friends creator. 


February 2013: Mikayla was cast in the "Le Voyage" commercial featuring My Case Couture in partnership with OPI and IPhone! Click here to check it out! 


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