2018 Reel

Official Trailer - Set in the late Edwardian Era, the daughter of Lord Nicol (Ruby) invites the footman of the house (Harris) to a secret lunch. By revealing moments of their past, the outing helps them both see life differently and they are ultimately brought closer together. Info on screening and festival locations coming soon! www.joshlacount.com Follow us on Instagram! @joshlacount @middayatmordenpark @mikaylascampbell
Tentative, suspicious and the (much more) logical friend who is skeptical of picking up a creepy hitchhiker...they should have listened to her.
1930's: Audacious, manipulative young woman deviously entices her grieving friend with a Ouija board for her own personal affairs...

A period piece short film Directed by Josh LaCount. Starring Josh LaCount and Mikayla S. Campbell.



Victorian Era: Enchanting, daring, young lady of high society British aristocracy...with Golden Globe Nominee, Diane Venora.
Ms. Diaz, British, sassy Latina, boss lady publicist. Horrendous yet hilarious attempt at a mocumentary...
Intensely emotional, distraught woman recounts traumatizing encounter amidst the chaos of war...